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hello all

i am quite confused about the amount of the products vmware offers.

short story: i develop a peace of hardware and would love to sell it. but for testing purpose and some mandatory scripting i need an exi, vsan, vdi products, automation. i need just a one place lizence from the products mentioned. a trial is not for discussion because i dont want to reinstall all 30 days the products. the pease of hardware contains more as one motherboard, therefore more as one processor and more as 32 gb ram. i need the enterprise verion (because of the faetures).

the question is very easy - where do i get official standalone lizence. for performance mneasuring it will run up to 50 vm (linux and windows)

i called some sells guys buy they dont sell it to me (because one lizence means more work as revenue)

thx for your input

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

With VMware Horizon Advanced. You got:

VMware (vSAN)

vSphere (ESXI)

VMware Horizon (VDI)

Comparison Table for Horizon 7 Editions

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