VMware ESXi-Arm Documentation

VMware ESXi-Arm Documentation

Documentation for ESXi-Arm, which contains the following files:

  • ESXi-Arm-Fling-Doc.pdf
  • Fling-on-Ampere-Altra-based-Serv.pdf
  • Fling-on-Ampere-Altra-from-OCI.pdf
  • Fling-on-Ampere-eMAG-8180.pdf
  • Fling-on-Arm-Neoverse-N1-System.pdf
  • Fling-on-Marvell-Armada-A8040-Octeon-TX2.pdf
  • Fling-on-NVIDIA-Xavier-AGX-Devel.pdf
  • Fling-on-NVIDIA-Xavier-NX-Devel.pdf
  • Fling-on-NXP-LS1046A-FRWY.pdf
  • Fling-on-NXP-LS1046A-RDB.pdf
  • Fling-on-PINE64-Quartz64-Model-A.pdf
  • Fling-on-Raspberry-Pi.pdf
  • Fling-on-Socionext-SynQuacer.pdf
  • Fling-on-SolidRun-HoneyComb-LX2K.pdf

esxi-arm-docs.zip (md5: bd49f92123bed556e22d8f13bd656797)


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i am planning to install DNS Server on the base Nano Pi T6 (Rockchip RK3588) on VMware ESX + FreeBSD, but i see that RS3399 is not supported , only PINE64-Quartz64-Model-A (Rockchip RK3566). May be information is old in documentation ?

I know ESXi is very sensitive to hardware and I wouldn't want to make a mistake.

Thanks, if anyone  can help me or join cyber security projects.

Email: 1149477(at)gmail.com



Same question...

Hi, unfortunately the big.LITTLE rk3399 is still not supported by the ESXi Arm Fling.


Please ask questions in the ESXi-Arm Fling Discussions forum.

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