Zoom for VDI

Zoom for VDI

I've created a DEM personalisation for the Zoom VDI client (optimized Zoom client to run inside Horizon)
It basically stores it's information in the %appdata%\ZoomVDI folder. However, it also saves a folder with emojis inside that folder. Size it not that big (about 9MB), but it contains over 2.500 files which does has a performance impact when (un)zipping the profile archive so I excluded that folder and it's related json files. The emojis folder gets recreated automatically in the background when starting the Zoom client.
It also contains the registry run key for Zoom to allow it to start automatically with Windows. Of course, you'll have to set "processing at logon/logoff for this to work" instead of using directFlex.
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Thank you! I was just looking for Optimizing Zoom and if it is possible for Zoom to exclude the Emojis from the profile.

That helps!


Here is the config from your ini file for everybody:


# To allow users to set autostart with windows

# exclude emojis >2.000 small files

#exclude related emoji info


Just a quick note on the last comment looks like the 3 excludefiles need to add the Data subfolder

#exclude related emoji info


We have seen a large buildup of ConfAvatar files in both the data folder and ConfAvatar folder. Has anyone tested excluding them? 

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