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Windows 10 1809 with UEM 9.6 slow login


Just upgrade a Horizon environment to Horizon 7.7 and build a Windows 10 1809 image with UEM 9.6.

The login is very slow. stuck at applying UEM flex profile for very long time.

Without UEM the login work fast and without any problems.

Any Ideas? What should I check?

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What does logon monitor show you ? C:\ProgramData\VMware\VMware Logon Monitor\Logs

Using the VMware Logon Monitor

Have you enabled logging for UEM ? Try enabling debug and post your Flexengine log if you can.

Working with VMware User Environment Manager Logs

We also encountered something like this when we first deployed UEM 9.5. We found the first a user logged on they didn't experience a log on delay with FlexEngine. However, after logging off and back on they encountered a 10 minute logon waiting for FlexEngine. We noticed that users files inside their UEM profile stayed opened after they had logged off completely. After about 10 minutes the open files would close and the user could log back on in timely manner. We found that opportunistic locks (Oplocks) was causing the issue on the SMB share created for UEM profiles. After disabling Oplocks we no longer experienced the issue.

Opportunistic Locks - Windows applications | Microsoft Docs

Hot Shot
Hot Shot

I struggle with the same issue, and when i look into the vmware logon monitor i get this:

2019-01-03T13:28:56.056 INFO (09f0-12b4) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] ****************** Session Summary (User: DOMAIN\user, Session: 1) *****************

2019-01-03T13:28:56.056 INFO (09f0-12b4) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] Logon Time: 58.82 seconds

2019-01-03T13:28:56.056 INFO (09f0-12b4) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] Logon Start To Hive Loaded Time: 0.00 seconds

2019-01-03T13:28:56.056 INFO (09f0-12b4) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] Logon Start To Classes Hive Loaded Time: 4.12 seconds

2019-01-03T13:28:56.056 INFO (09f0-12b4) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] Profile Sync Time: 3.54 seconds

2019-01-03T13:28:56.056 INFO (09f0-12b4) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] Windows Folder Redirection Apply Time: 0.00 seconds

2019-01-03T13:28:56.056 INFO (09f0-12b4) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] Shell Load Time: 7.70 seconds

2019-01-03T13:28:56.056 INFO (09f0-12b4) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] Total Logon Script Time: 0.00 seconds

2019-01-03T13:28:56.056 INFO (09f0-12b4) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] User Policy Apply Time: 46 seconds

2019-01-03T13:28:56.056 INFO (09f0-12b4) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] Machine Policy Apply Time: 0 seconds

2019-01-03T13:28:56.056 INFO (09f0-12b4) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] Group Policy Software Install Time: 0.25 seconds

2019-01-03T13:28:56.056 INFO (09f0-12b4) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] Free Disk Space Available To User: 56 GB

2019-01-03T13:28:56.056 INFO (09f0-12b4) [LogonMonitor::LogSummary] ***********************************************************************************

How can i figure out what that takes so long time?

I see that there is 17 seconds between these processGroupPolicyEvents:

2019-01-03T13:28:05.988 TRACE (09f0-06bc) [LogonMonitor::ProcessGroupPolicyEvent] Event Id: 4016, ActivityID: {587B8447-1321-42E0-9EFE-0FD6B767C798}, Account: , Session: 1

2019-01-03T13:28:29.988 TRACE (09f0-0654) [LogonMonitor::ProcessGroupPolicyEvent] Event Id: 4016, ActivityID: {587B8447-1321-42E0-9EFE-0FD6B767C798}, Account: , Session: 1

Is it possible to point out what the different processes are doing?

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

For general questions about the VMware Logon Monitor log, the VMware Horizon®  forum is probably a better bet.

For UEM-specific information, you can check the lines in the VMLM log containing "UEM Agent", but a UEM log file at log level DEBUG will provide more insight into what exactly is going on.