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What are the most common troubleshooting tools


I'd like to see what tools people commonly use for building and testing vdi images, there UEM configuration files, and there appstacks.


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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

OK.  I'll jump in and mention a couple of good ones... (drum-roll)

Sysinternals Process Utilities

This suite has quite a few good tools.

  • Autoruns.exe - Used to manage all startup processes and tasks in the master image.  Used on EVERY master image.
  • Process Monitor - Monitor file system, Registry, process, thread and DLL activity in real-time.

OK, OK.   You think that was lame...

Here's one that MOST of you don't know

Windows Update Manager for Windows 10.


Yes.  It is Github freeware.

I've tried this little tool, and let me tell you...it stops any updates from downloading.

And I can manually/offline manage the Windows updates.  Don't let Windows 10 Updates waste your precious CPU and Bandwidth.

Nice Utility.

Don't thank me, thank David.

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That update tool look instresting, I haven't seen that one lately. I wanted to add I'm automating the parent image process based on this article


the author uses a powershell module to run windows updates, but I'm wondering if this tool can compliment or replace it. Thanks, this was the reason I asked