UEM of Persona Management?

For a 1000-user VMware Horizon View design I am in doubt to use UEM or Persona Management.

I am only interested in the profile management part of UEM, which solution is the best to choose and why?

Logon times need to be as short as possible and stability as high as possible.

Folder redirection will be used for Desktop, Downloads, Favourites, My Documents, My Music, My Pictures, My Videos

What are TECHNICALLY the arguments to use UEM in stead of Persona management.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

UEM really manages the profile and stores settings per application. This allows you to easily backup and restore settings on a per-application basis.

UEM profiles are compatible with all Windows versions, roaming between different Windows versions and 32/64 bit is no problem.

UEM allows multiple simultaneous session logons

UEM also works on physical machines, allowing users to have 1 profile, no matter what device they use.

UEM can do more then just profile management, so extending the features you use in the future is really easy.


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