UEM Still Needed with Writable?

I have a situation and trying to figure out the best method moving forward so any input would be greatly appreciated. 

A little background.  I have recently upgraded to the below versions to better support O365 and Windows 10.   

App Vol 2.14, UEM 9.5, Horizon 7.6. 

With the recent deployment of O365 it was recommended to give all users Writable Profiles because of the need to enable Outlook caching.  This allows it to cache only the first time.  I leveraged UEM quite a lot but not sure it's needed anymore.  Looking for some advice on how I should still use UEM.  Will there be a conflict if both are used?  Should I remove my applications in UEM since the application data will now be backed up with the writable profile?  If you have used Writable volumes before then you know they have to be deleted sometimes due to weird issues which then loses all of the users data.  I'm thinking that UEM would be handy in that case since it will have all of the IE cache and application stuff saved with the roaming profile. 

Any ideas? 

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