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UEM Ignoring directflex reference

A number of our users use SAS Enterprise Guide and the SAS EG plugin for Excel.

In my UEM configuration, I have listed SEGUIDE.exe AND EXCEL.exe as DirectFlex Executables to import the %appdata%\sas configuration

My thought was for those users who use the Excel plugin exclusively, this would save them a bit of time by not having to launch SAS EG first to get their configuration downloaded from UEM

Can I have 1 EXE (Excel.exe) initiate downloads for 2 sets of configurations ?  (Excel 2k13 & SAS EG)



Win 7/64bit

Office 2k13

Here's a copy of the message from UEM

DirectFlex executable configuration: Reference to 'c:\program files (x86)\microsoft office\Office15\EXCEL.EXE' found in both generic config files 'GLOBAL\SAS Enterprise Guide_backup.INI' and 'Microsoft Office 2013\Excel.INI' -- ignoring reference from 'GLOBAL\SAS Enterprise Guide_backup.INI'

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Hi lidokci​,

I understand what you are trying to achieve, but as far as I know this is not possible. Even if it was possible, it would probably give admins and users headaches, because settings may get overwritten at application launch if they were already imported by another application (executable) and settings were changed in the mean time.

Instead, depending on the size of the settings, maybe you can import the SAS EG plugin settings during logon for those users that need it. This way they have the settings also available up front. But that's something you have to test.

Pleas let me know of this answers your question or if you need further assistance.

\\ Ivan
Twitter: @ivandemes
Blog: https://www.ivandemes.com
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