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UEM File Redirect

Hey Guys,

I built out a Rule on UEM to redirect my computer files of my VM (desktop) to my file server and its working great, but i have found a few annomolies and i was wondering if anyone has encountered these before and could shed some light on them.

1. Under my "documents" the libraries are showing the default save location as "Unsupported" its not necessarily a functional issue its just showing the original save location on the LC-VM i am allocated on login and then the File Server File location and that one is unsupported with windows, any way to fix this or redesign to make this work better? I am essentially trying to create a persistent environment w/ a non persistent vm that gets deleted on log off and thats why im redirecting things like Documents, Pictures .. to my file server.

2. the Second issue appears to be with saving attachments from outlook. I use in additiona to the UEM a Writable volume with i am thinking plays a role here in the complication of this issue, whenever i try to save an attachment it throws an error "cannot save the attachment. File name or directory name is not vaild" and wont allow it to save, i then need to just pull it down to the C: drive and then it works.. any ideas? Im thinking its something w/ the way the redirect works. Also Office is install on the Master Image not an App Stack and the OST is on the Writable.


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