Question about Teams, FSLogix and DEM

Hello  All,

Question for those of you using FSLogix,  MS Teams  and DEM.

I recently added the config template for MS Teams in DEM (9.9) and I'm finding it to be one of the largest profiles in my environment. 

I'm wondering since I have FSLogix hosting most of the config files for Teams through the GPO, do I even need the config file in DEM for it?

Teams config in DEM

<AppData>\Microsoft Teams

<AppData>\Microsoft Teams\logs
<AppData>\Microsoft\Teams\Application Cache



GPO for FSLogix O365 Containers



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I can agree to this one. Until this day i still didnt found a good solution to manage the Teams part of a user profile. I also use FSLogix for all the O365 profile data. And it doenst matter if i enable the "Include Teams data in container" or not; users still need to login everytime they get a new non-persistant VDI desktop session. But i did conclude the same as you did; Teams profiles get very large. So because of this, I didnt include any Teams data in the User Profile and installed Teams in Local Machine mode inside the VDI image(Teams can get very big in the user profile if you allow your users to download Teams from the internet because then Teams will get installed inside the user profile!)

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Since I made this post, I removed or "retired" the Teams config in DEM and haven't seen any issues, and in fact, recovered quite a bit of disk space.

We don't allow our users to install apps, so I have Teams installed on the master image and used the per machine installation (msiexec /i <path-to-teams-msi> OPTIONS="noAutoStart=True" ALLUSER=1 ALLUSERS=1)

You might want to try adding the following registry entries into your master image to stop the reoccurring login issues. I got these settings from someone on this site and since I added them, users don't have to log into Teams every time they start a VDI session anymore.

Add the following keys to block the reoccurring MDM enrollment.





Thanks! i will try it 🙂

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