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Privilege elevation and 'Run As Administrator' for shortcut

We have an application that interfaces with IE to launch a html popup window (triggering iexplore.exe). I have configured privilege elevation to elevate the application itself and the iexplorer.exe process and elevate all child processes. However, there is an issue where the application does not work as expected and I think it's because the iexplore.exe process is being called by the parent application (despite 'include child processes'). I've tried using elevated task for the pareapp.exe and iexplore.exe also - no change. The only method that the application works is if the shortcut.lnk that points to the parent app is set to 'Run as administrator' - so it appears UAC is to blame - but I thought privilege elevation would ensure that the .exe that the lnk points to would run as admin?


This said, does anyone know what's broken here or how t elevate a .lnk shortcut/run as admin without UAC prompts. I want to avoid creating scheduled tasks/shims  where possible as this needs to be a 'clean' solution. Thanks in advance

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