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Pin to Start missing after logoff/logon (W2016 LTSR)

I'm at a loss at the moment with our Citrix environment on Windows server 2016 LTSR and with VMware UEM 9.5.


We do the following:

  • A user pins a startmenu shortcut that has been created by UEM with an exe file as target
  • A user pins a startmenu shortcut that has been created by UEM with only an url as target

The two shortcuts show up in the pinned items section of the start menu and all is good. Now the user logs off and the settings are stored like expected in the layoutmodification.xml file.

The user now logs back on and the layoutmodification.xml restores like expected with all the correct entries, one would assume all shortcuts will be restored in the pinned item section since all the configuration parts are restored.

From the two shortcuts that were pinned only the shortcut that has an .exe as target will be restored. The one with an url as target does not get restored!

The .lnk file can be found in the layoutmodification.xml and it's target location but it simply does not show up, it does show as an empty tile in the start menu.

I have been googling but i just simply cant find a cause of this problem, if this is "by design"  or that this is a bug with VMware UEM and maybe an timing issue.

Does anyone have an idea what is causing this?

Thanks in advance

Sidenote: It does work on our Windows 10 environment which is on build 1703 and later so the way the start menu is stored is different.

Example shortcut with target straight to an url / Pinned items with gaps were shortcuts should be


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My guess is that it needs to be an executable? Maybe some sort of policy?

If you are creating the shortcut you could create (in this case) a shortcut to Iexplorer.exe and add an argument (in this case being http:\\www.google.nl). Maybe that does the trick?

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