Office 2013 in a Layer / App Stack ?

Due to license constraints we would not want to put Office on the Gold image. ( Office 2013 ).

Any thoughts on putting Office on an App Stack ? Horrible Idea ?  Any idea if it will even work ? ( just asking for trouble ? ).

We are using Writables / App Volumes and UEM.

100% no questions put it on the Gold image ?

thanks !

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hi Douglas42Adams,

Although quite a few people are using both App Volumes and UEM, you'll probably get more responses for this particular question in the VMware App Volumes™​ forum.

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There are some idiots that just roam around in both topics Smiley Happy Smiley Happy.... But otherwise, what UEMdev said Smiley Happy

I would not suggest adding Office in an appstack, please fall back to this as a last resort. You'll end up with add on issues (as Office might not be there and other applications already are) apart from that you might end up with licensing issues. It is supported but not a best practice.

You could use Application blocking from UEM which simply restricts the user from staring an app, in which case you are in the correct forum Smiley Happy...