Need to Move UEM/DEM shares to new Server

Hi ,

So we need to upgrade the Server that our UEMProfiles and UEMConfig SMB shares are on .

Anyone know of any 'gotchya's' doing that ?

Is it as simple as :

- Disable the UEM Shares

- update the UEM GPO

- RoboCopy the data over to new shares

- Engage new Shares 

- Enjoy !

? haha.. Or is there more to it ?  Thank you !

well and update the UEM manager's to point to new location i would presume .

thanks .

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It should be, I don't use the GPOs, but I use the noad mode. I just made the new folders ran robo copies daily and then updated the noad config. Using GPO should be the same, just make sure the permisions are right on the folders (both file and share permissions)