Microsoft Edge Chromium

Microsoft Edge Chromium

If you want to manage the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser with VMware Dynamic Environment Manager (DEM), here is a good working template.

Recommended is to deploy the Microsoft Edge Chromium browser for business, which can be found here:

This DEM config file will capture all important Microsoft Edge settings, but still maintain a relative small .ZIP archive. Although it could still grow, so keep an eye on the filesize.

I have tested with the official 'Roaming Profile support' for Microsoft Edge ( but this is too limited for most customers, since this will miss many important settings like cookies and also requires a (roaming) profile associated with the AD account.

I don't recommended enabling DirectFlex for this application, since this application is so embedded in Windows and many applications depend on it.

How to implement:

Create a new DEM config file using the DEM management console and just copy-paste these lines:


# Microsoft Edge Chromium for business


<LocalAppData>\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\First Run
<LocalAppData>\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Local State
<AppData>\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default\profile.pb

<LocalAppData>\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default

<LocalAppData>\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default\Cache
<LocalAppData>\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default\Code Cache
<LocalAppData>\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default\GPUCache
<LocalAppData>\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default\IndexedDB
<LocalAppData>\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default\Service Worker\CacheStorage
<LocalAppData>\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Default\Service Worker\ScriptCache


The end result should look like this:


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Hello @Pim_van_de_Vis 

I have an website that requires active X controls to be installed.  We are using Edge to run in IE mode.  Each time I login to the website I have to install the controls, they are not staying after the user logs out of the Horizon desktop.  I implemented the change per this post but they are still not staying installed. 

The website is Temenos and when you login there is a Download Controls option under the help menu.  When you click on that there are two controls that appear, a Temenos browser control and a ScriptX printing control (see 1st attached picture).  I install each control successfully, unfortunately when I logout of the Horizon desktop and log back in, the controls are no longer installed. 



When I logged in this time to the desktop, logged into the website, pulled up the Download Controls window, I received the message in the 2nd screenshot attached.  Closed it and attempted to install the control and it worked that time. USCU_Temenos-DwnldControls.pngUSCU_Temenos_ActiveX.PNG

This is working for ONE user at our location where they do NOT need to install the controls every time and unfortunately no one knows why.  All other users have to install the controls every time.

Any help is appreciated.

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