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FIXED! Roam the Windows 10 Start Menu in your VDI environment.

Roaming the Start Menu layout, including all personalized tiles is still very hard to accomplish. The Start Menu in Windows 10 was stored in a database which was locked and could not be copied.

With the Microsoft released Windows 10 version 1703 Creators Update, the Start Menu is no longer stored in a database, but stored in the registry. This makes it possible to roam the Start Menu again.

This article explains how to roam the Start menu layout by using VMware User Environment Manager.

Note: This solution only works on Windows 10 version 1703 or later.

To allow users to personalize their Windows 10 Start Menu and roam those personal settings, a new UEM Configuration item needs to be created using the UEM Management Console:

  • Click Create Config File and select Create a custom config file and give it a name.
  • On the Import/Export tab, paste these two lines:
    • [IncludeRegistryTrees]
    • HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\CloudStore
  • Save the UEM Config file.

You can now customize and personalize your Start Menu, including pinning tiles to local apps, modern AppX apps, group tiles, resize, and re-order.

Note: Roaming the Start Menu with this approach even allows for roaming between 32-bit and 64-bit.

Also see this KB I just created:


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We ditched LTSB unfortunately. We had the Start Menu mostly working with a handful of hacks through UEM and local scripting on the golden image.

We're now almost ready to release a beta pool for Win10 1703 CBB. VMware just announced 1709 support in UEM, so we may ended up launching with that pending more testing.

The reason we ditched LTSB is because of the 1607 issues and no near release date for LTSB and 1703. Another reason is Office and application support.
Basically Microsoft came back and said they can't guarantee that Office will keep working properly on LTSB 1607 as Office continues to get updates across our production environment (both legacy and vdi).

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Hello all,

first of all thanks to you for the good work.

This mainly works for me, but from time to time i get:

[WARN ] ExportFiles::ExportFile: Sharing violation for file '<LocalAppData>\microsoft\windows\CloudStore\cloudstore.dat'

in the FlexEngine.log and then all changes of the Start Menu are gone on next login...

Any idea?



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Any way to do this with Persona? Unfortunately we are not licensed for UEM, I believe it is part of Enterprise and we just have standard.