DEM W10 Black Screen Slowdown

Hello, we are working to roll out DEM to a Windows 10 Enterprise 20H2 VMware Horizon pool. We have everything working however we are experiencing a black screen upon login (after GPOs/DEM service) that adds 15-20 seconds to login time).

Upon further investigation we found that the "App readiness" Windows service is causing this slowdown. The service appears to be related to setting up windows 10 apps (calculator,stickynotes,etc..), if we disable this service on the golden image the black screen appears to go away however windows 10 apps do not work as expected.

I would assume we can profile the windows 10 app setup process (similar to any other DEM profile) if we can determine the appdata/registry keys needed. From our investigation we are seeing the appdata folder as <Localappdata>/packages however even with a DEM app profile for this configuration we are still seeing the same result (black screen upon login). Perhaps we are missing a registry key associated with this process?


Other T/S Steps:

- Rebuild Golden image without OS optimization tool and still seeing 50+ second logons but no black screen
- Disable "App Readiness" service and black screen issue is resolved however W10 metro apps do not work

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