DEM- NoAD Mode

Hi All,

I am trying to configure Computer Environment settings in the DEM for the first time. Here are a couple of queries I have.

1. When trying to install agent in NonAD mode do I need to add the parameter "COMPENVCONFIGFILEPATH" in addition to "NOADCONFIGFILEPATH" parameter or manually configure it via registry?


msiexec.exe /i "VMware Dynamic Environment Manager Enterprise 2206 10.6 x64.msi" /qn /l* InstallDEM.log NOADCONFIGFILEPATH=\\Filesrv\DemConfig$\General COMPENVCONFIGFILEPATH=\\Filesrv\DemConfig$\General

2. Which installation method is better in production environment: GPO or NonAD mode.

3. Has anyone tried replacing GPOs with DEM ADMX method in production environment and does it improve logon time?

4. How do I limit access to the DEM console to only specific security groups. Does it have anything similar to RBAC?


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