DEM 9.10: Default Applications FTA -> Runs before explorer.exe and get's overridden

Hello @DEMdev ,

I read all posts to this problem, but I couldn't find any solution.

My problem is that the Windows Default Browser gets lost after logoff and login (User Profile gets deleted at Logoff). The settings get correctly exported and imported, but then get overridden after a few seconds by the explorer.exe as I can see in Procmon...

As you wrote in this post you are aware of this, but for me this doesn't work.

You can download here the Procmon exports where the import would take effect with DefaultApplication enabled and disabled. Aswell as my DEM Config .ini and the .zip which gets exported and imported.

Hopfully you can help me

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hi @lgruembel,

Thank you for proactively providing the ProcMon traces and sample files – much appreciated! That "-win2016" OS-specific profile archive suffix and the fact that you're on DEM 9.11 indicate that you've run into one of our known issues: Windows Server 2016 resets the default web browser.

We've fixed this in DEM 2009. Unfortunately there are no workarounds for earlier versions.