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VMware Employee

Visio Diagrams for VMware Validated Design for SDDC 5.0.1

Updated 2019-04-19 to add NSX-T Workload Domain Diagrams

It's my pleasure to share a minor update to the diagrams for VMware Validated Design for SDDC 5.0.1 in Microsoft Visio format with the community.

The set includes:

  • Standard Architecture, plus Multi-AZ
  • Consolidated Architecture
  • NSX-T Workload Domains

Download the diagrams from our GitHub repository.

All official diagrams for the VMware Validated Design are provided in the product documentation found at vmware.com/go/vvd-docs.

-- Ryan Johnson | Staff II Solutions Architect | VCIX-DCV 2020, VCIX-NV 2020, VCAP7-CMA, AWS-CSA, HC:TA, vExpert VMware Inc | CPBU - Solutions Architecture
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thank you for the share.  do you have any work-spaceone and Horizon?

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