VVD System requirements for vROPS Remote Collector Storage Resource

Hi, I am reviewing the following doc: Deployment Model of vRealize Operations Manager which has the following table:

vRealize Operations Manager Remote Collector CPU, Memory, and Storage Resources



Appliance size



2 vCPUs


4 GB

Additional Storage


It appears the the Remote Collector Node is a VM, but the Additional Storage requirements cell has "N/A".

Can someone explain the minimum storage requirements for this VM, or does it default to the same storage requirements

as the cluster nodes?


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Hey @gilpena,

You won't see the storage space as they just use the VMDKs for the operating system as they only collect data and not hold the Gemfire database.

So the space used is quite small and you should not be worried about it. The disk sizing should be only take into consideration for the Data, Replica and Master nodes.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hi @gilpena ,

Adding to what @Lalegre had already mentioned in previous thread. This table should be good for reference -->

Hardware Requirements for vROPS nodes 

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VMware Employee

Each vRealize Operations Remote Collector (default == small) in the design uses 274GB of strorage.

  • Disk 01 = 20 GB
  • Disk 02 = 250GB
  • Disk 03 = 4GB
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