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VMware Validated Design for SDDC 4.0 is Generally Available

We're happy to announce that on 02 March 2017 we released an the VMware Validated Design for Software-Defined Data Center 4.0.

The VMware Validated Designs provide our customers prescriptive guidance and tools, to plan, build, and operate a Software-Defined Data Center. The designs are extensively tested to ensure all components and their specific versions are validated to work in unison, to scale to predetermined design objectives, and operate as our customers expect. Unlike Reference Architectures which may focus on an individual product or purpose without lifecycle management guidance, the VVD for SDDC is a holistic approach to designing a full SSDC stack, applicable to a broad set of uses with a commitment to ongoing upgrade guidance.

What's New?

Version 4.0 is the first release to incorporate the vSphere 6.5 wave of products. The Bill Of Materials (BOM) has been completely refreshed to all new versions of the SDDC products. This means VVD customers are able to take advantage of the new performance enhancements, scalability, and robustness which is included in these latest versions. 

This substantial platform uplift in 4.0, the first major vSphere version refresh since the 1.0 design launch, demonstrates the strength and flexibility inherent to the VVD design, enabling existing customers to seamlessly upgrade their full SDDC stack.

Product Group and EditionProduct NameProduct Version
VMware vSphere Enterprise PlusESXi6.5 a
vCenter Server Appliance6.5 a
vSphere Update Manager6.5 a
VMware vSAN Standard or highervSAN6.5
VMware vSphere ReplicationVMware vSphere Replication6.5
VMware Site Recovery Manager EnterpriseVMware Site Recovery Manager6.5
VMware NSX for vSphere EnterpriseNSX for vSphere6.3 *
VMware vRealize Automation Advanced or highervRealize Automation7.2
vRealize Orchestrator7.2
vRealize Orchestrator Plug-in for NSX1.0.4
VMware vRealize Business for Cloud AdvancedvRealize Business for Cloud7.2
VMware vRealize Operations Manager Advanced or highervRealize Operations Manager6.4
vRealize Operations Management Pack for NSX for vSphere3.5
vRealize Operations Management Pack for vRealize Log Insight1.0.1
vRealize Operations Management Pack for vRealize Automation2.1
vRealize Operations Management Pack for Storage Devices6.0.5
VMware vRealize Log InsightvRealize Log Insight4.0
vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for NSX for vSphere3.5
vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for vSAN2.0
vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for vRealize Automation 71.5
vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for vRealize Orchestrator 7.0.1+2.0
vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for vRealize Operations Manager 6.x1.7
vRealize Log Insight Content Pack for Microsoft SQL Server3.1
VMware vSphere Data ProtectionvSphere Data Protection6.1.3
*Shortly before VMware Validated Designs 4.0 released, VMware released the NSX for vSphere 6.3.1 patch which includes an important hotfix. VMware Validated Designs supports this hotfix and VMware recommends that you apply it immediately.

VMware makes available patches and releases to address critical security issues for several products. Verify that you are using the latest security patches for a given component when deploying VMware Validated Design.

This release provides the following new features:

  • Updated Bill of Materials that incorporates new product versions
  • All new SDDC roles and personas guidance
  • Platform Services Controllers in each region are now behind an NSX load balancer
  • Use of host profiles to deploy ESXi on the hosts in the management and the shared edge and compute pods.
  • New operational guidance for certificate replacement of the SDDC management cluster
  • Support for SHA-2 Certificates
  • NSX distributed logical router for the shared edge and compute cluster
  • Improved free space recommendations for vSAN and NFS datastores
  • Less nodes required for the analytics cluster of vRealize Operations Manager
  • Now using syslog to send log data from vCenter Server and Platform Services Controller to vRealize Log Insight
  • Implemented SSL for log forwarding
  • Incorporated the use of vSphere Update Manager for upgrading ESXi hosts
  • Adoption of service accounts for secure application-to-application communication

For more information, and to get started:

-- Ryan Johnson | Staff II Solutions Architect | VCIX-DCV 2020, VCIX-NV 2020, VCAP7-CMA, AWS-CSA, HC:TA, vExpert VMware Inc | CPBU - Solutions Architecture
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