SDDC 4.3 and Horizon, Physical Compute, and Auto-Deploy

We would like to leverage the SDDC design to provide different shared edge/compute clusters to represent different environments like dev, test, pre-prod, and prod.

We currently have a physical workstation for each environment and would like to implement a horizon solution to virtualize all workstations except prod. We would hope this solution could be hosted/integrated into our SDDC design.

Also can we manage/deploy physical compute payloads in a SDDC? I know vRA can be used to deploy physical resources, but I would like to know how we can incorporate that, as well as the protection of these workloads. Virtual payloads can be protected by NSX, but can we do the same for physical?

We have SAN storage, could we use the management cluster to host tools used to manage SAN infrastructure? Same question regarding network/security device tools.

I know there would be a tone of follow up questions to provide the right answer, i'm more looking at it as, are these use cases common when it comes to building SDDC? or are these completely out of scope and designed/implemented outside of the SDDC design completely. Does anybody have any reference docs/whitepapers/vids on these types of use-cases I could reference?

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