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VMware Employee

Early Access: VMware Pivotal Container Service for Workload Domains.

As many of you may know, this Early Access sub-community provides you an opportunity to download and discuss pre-released design materials for the VMware Validated Designs. We want you discover the latest content that is in development and learn about the potential directions in these designs.

I'm please to share the work that William Lam and I had the pleasure to develop recently, VMware Pivotal Container Service for Workload Domains. This early access material covers the architecture and design elements for adding PKS 1.1.x to a VMware Validated Design workload domain for a new container services layer.

The container services layer enables enterprises and service providers to simplify the deployment and operations of Kubernetes-based container services within the VMware SDDC. In the container services layer, access to production-grade Kubernetes distribution with advanced networking, built-in private registry, and full lifecycle management support of the clusters is provided on top of and integrated with the SDDC.

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-- Ryan Johnson | Staff II Solutions Architect | VCIX-DCV 2020, VCIX-NV 2020, VCAP7-CMA, AWS-CSA, HC:TA, vExpert VMware Inc | CPBU - Solutions Architecture
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