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Early Access: Design and Deployment of VMware Skyline within the VMware Validated Design for SDDC

As many of you may know, this Early Access sub-community provides you an opportunity to download and discuss pre-released design materials for the VMware Validated Designs. We want you discover the latest content that is in development and learn about the potential directions in these designs.

I'm please to share the work that we recently completed, Design and Deployment of VMware Skyline within the VMware Validated Design for SDDC. This early access material covers the architecture and design elements, plus deployment guidance, for adding Skyline Collector 1.4 to the VMware Validated Design and is applicable to single-region, dual-region, and multi-availability zones.

VMware Skyline is a technology for proactive support. VMware Skyline uses automation to securely collect data and perform environment-specific analytics on configuration, feature, and performance data. The resulting information improves visibility in your environment. As a result, VMware and your organization interact without extensive time and investment by support administrators. As a result, proactive, predictive, and prescriptive recommendations by VMware improve the stability and reliability of the environment. In addition, reactive support issues can be resolved more quickly.

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-- Ryan Johnson | Staff II Solutions Architect | VCIX-DCV 2020, VCIX-NV 2020, VCAP7-CMA, AWS-CSA, HC:TA, vExpert VMware Inc | CPBU - Solutions Architecture
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