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Creating an Optimized Windows 11 desktop for Horizon 8

I've done the optimization of desktops on a few Win 10 vm's with good luck.  However, when trying to do it with a Win 11 desktop I am having a lot of weird issues.  I have tried this with 4 different desktops and all the same and now I'm frustrated.  When I get to the part when i put in Audit mode is when i have issues.  Issue one, my Administrator account gets disabled for some reason. i can re-enable but stuff still happens.  At some points my left mouse click doesn't work anymore for most clicks. (some do which is weird)  Notepad will not lauch when tried to open a doc but will if i just open it.   These are just a few of the things that go on and it's preventing me from moving forward with app installs.  Another question is do i need to still be is Ausit mode when installing the apps??  

Is there a new version of this tool for Win 11?  I see that Horizon 2111 supports windows 11 now so i would hope there might be.  Any help or comments are welcome.  Thanks to all that support this site!!!!

Thank you, Perry
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Hi @Super6VCA ,

Please see some VMware recommendations for Windows 11


Hope this will help. I have a successful implementation of Windows 11 on Horizon 8.