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Please Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I am

university student, and I have a project task to develop within next 6 Months

so I have lots of questions for you experts in this particular area: Virtualization

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The purpose

of this project is to investigate the use of the VMware servers such as: ESX,

Xen, or any other virtual server to facilitate a configuration of server or

well in other words to manage network servers such as: DNS, Web Proxy, Mail, and

possible VPN server working on Linux-base firewall with or without NAT.

So my start

of :

Which one

of the virtualization server do guys think is better to use for this Exercises?

What r the

server minimum requirements for both Hardware and Software?

How am I

possible going to achieve the following result?

And finally

tips hints on the following subject: configuration, troubleshooting, and advice

in what to do and no to do?

Thanks for

time guys

Any answer

would be appreciate

Thanks once


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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Your best place to start would be to download VMWare Server from

This product is free and all you need to do is provide name email address etc to get a free license. VMWare server will allow you to create Windows 2003 servers, XP / Vista desktops, Ubuntu, Redhat Linux machines. You will need to get licenses for the operating systems though.

A good dual core desktop with a few Gb memory will be good enough to host VMWare server and host 3 or 4 maybe more virtual machines. Your best operating system for the desktop host would be Windows XP as this has a lower resource drain than Vista. Install VMWare Server onto the XP desktop.

When you create a virtual machine you carve off part of you host machine's resources. So you will assign a virtual CPU, a portion of the memory in the host, a section of the hard drive etc. so the more resources you have in the host to start with the more virtual machines you will be able to create.

A lot of Linux based operating systems and applications are free so if money is tight then I would investigate using Redhat as you main OS and see which Mail / Web and DNS apps you can install. A Windows server license will cost around £500 unles you can get a reduced rate license through your university, or alternatively get their Volume License key for Windows 2003 server.



Hi mate

Sorry for take so long to answer your advice, I have done

that and it’s working brilliant, but my project should be working on the Linux

based system with 4 guest operating systems…

As follow: _DMZ with DNS, Mail Server, Web prosy, VPN and possibly


And it should be in load balancing and reliable network…….

I am still trying to figure out How to do that if you could

help or any one please it would be great full




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Hi All,

I am using Fedora 7, and I can't just figure out how do blood going to install VMware server on it!!!

I have tried the following:

  1. kernel-devel We need the kernel source (to build the vmmon

  2. gcc The C compiler is required to complete the

  3. gcc-c++ C++ compiler will also be required to complete the

  4. any any 155

and still can complile the vmware file.

can someone please advice me what to do because is just give haeding!

any answer will be great


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