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vCenter Converter 4.0.1 on Fedora 12 64-bit?

Anyone has luck with installing and running the vCenter Converter 4.0.1 on a 64-bit Fedora 12? Or, with vCenter Converter 4? Or on a 32-bit Fedora 12? Or is Fedora is not supported, period? I know it is not on the official supported platform.

I have tried successfully installing Converter 4.0.1 on 64-bit Fedora 12, but not able to start up the "vmware-converter-client". The error encountered is:

/usr/lib/vmware-vcenter-converter-standalone/converter-gui: error while loading shared libraries: libSM.so.6: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64

This really mean my 64-bit OS is not compatible with the vmware-converter-client, right?

Before getting to here, I had to do the following to get thru 3 other errors (from other forum posts):

1. Fix error during installation: "/etc/vmware-converter/ssl/rui.key not found"

%> mkdir -p /etc/vmware-converter/ssl

%> /etc/vmware-converter/ssl/rui.crt

%> /etc/vmware-converter/ssl/rui.key

2. Fix error "/lib/ld-linux.so.2: bad ELF interprete"

%> yum install glibc.i686

3. Fix error "error while loading shared libraries: libSM.so.6"

%> ln -s /lib64/libSM.so.6 /lib/libSM.so.6

But now I'm stuck with the 4th error. Shall I give up and install the 32-bit Fedora 12 instead?

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don't make life harder then necessary Smiley Wink

There is no need to install Converter on a physical machine.

Just take a VM and install it there - this way you can have VMs with both versions 3.0.3 and 4.0.1 without conflicts.


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