What permission are required for powered on source windows VM conversion using VMware converter


The requirement is to use VMware Converter v6.1.1 to:-

  • Migrate a source windows VM server that is powered on
  • To another remote vCenter server
  • Conveter software installed on a separate VM in target environment

The VMware documentation is unclear. It states a numer of permissions are required at the datacenter level, but dosn't distunguish with whether the permissions are on source vCenter server, target vCenter server, or both.

When converting a powered on server, the converter server prompts for VM details rather than source vCenter server, therefore are the permissions relevant for source vCenter? We have an account with local admin rights to connect to source server.

Vmware converter also assumes the source server is physical rather than a VM (when converting powered on servers).



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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

If you are running a V2V conversion both sides would need similar permissions to convert the VM. From the description you are running a P2V.  This will treat the VM as a physical machine when copying the files and will need Admin access to the VM.  The permissions that are in the documentation would need to be applied to the destination VC.

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