What are the return codes (errorlevels) for P2VTOOL?

I have written a script to allow scheduled P2V conversions in our environment. Our intent is to use this to create, and refresh on a monthly basis, disaster recovery VMs for servers that, for one reason or another, will remain physical servers in production for the foreseeable future. The script checks the errorlevel returned by P2VTOOL as well as checking for various failure messages in the tool's output and e-mails a status message regarding the conversion to the concerned parties.

In checking the errorlevel, I made the assumption that P2VTOOL returns an errorlevel of 0 for success and 1 or higher for failure. This turns out to not be the case. In my testing I got a non-zero errorlevel with no failure messages output. The converted VM runs fine.

Does anyone have a list of errorlevels returned by P2VTOOL and what they mean?


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