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Virtual Infrastructure 3.5 converter error

I am trying to convert a windows 2003 sp1 server but I keep getting the same error.

Logs below......

Unsetting unknown path: /vmomi/

Making sure that UFAD interface has version vmware-converter-4.0.0

UFAD interface version is vmware-converter-4.0.0

Task execution completed

DoImport called

Starting execution of a Task

Successfully connected to VMImporter


I have found some references to firewalls around this issue but VC \ ESX are on same subnet and the 2003 have connectivity which has been tested.

Everything resolves through DNS and works fine.

Any ideas would be great.

Many Thanks

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Can you see if you can ping the ESX server from the source machine?

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This is a generic guide and all may not apply - for instance if you are not using VirtualCenter, there is no need to test the connection between ESX and VC.

Check basic network

  • ping from source system to VC host

  • ping from VC to ESX target system

  • ping from source system to ESX target system

  • ping from ESX target system to VC host

  • ping from ESX target to source system

Check the port usage (use telnet to verify)

  • Converter application to remote physical machine - 445 and 139

  • Converter application to VirtualCenter Server - 443

  • Converter application to ESX Server 3.x - 443

  • Physical machine to VirtualCenter Server - 443

  • Physical machine to ESX Server 3.x - 443 and 902

      • If you are using Converter 3.0.1 or 3.0.2 make sure you do not have a web server using port 443 while running Converter

Check credentials and privileges

  • Ensure that each username can login to all systems (you may want to create one admin account on all systems to simply the testing)

  • Ensure the user has permission to create a VM on the target system

  • Ensure the user has access to LUNs on the target system

  • Ensure the user has write privilege on target system storage devices

  • Verify that the user can create a new VM on each target system from VirtualCenter

Verify space requirements

  • Check available file space on all systems (Depending on your method you will either need space equal to the selected drive or to the space used on the source drive.)

  • Verify that the Target VMname does not exist on target system

  • Optionally, turn firewall off on 3.0.x ESX servers

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