Vcenter Converter for a NFS Datastore VM

We have an ESXI 6.0 Cluster with 3 Dell Poweredge servers, which is connected to EMC Vnxe-3200 storage via 1-Gig speed.

From storage 2 NFS datastores are provisoned to Esxi Cluster, ontop of datastores we have created VM's.

Now we have procured new Unity Storage and migrating all workloads from Vnxe.

We have moved all the VM's to Unity using Storage Vmotion.

only one VM is pending which is of size 17-TB, a VM with 3-TB size has alomost taken 31hrs to completed SVmotion.

could you please suggest the options to migrate the 17-TB VM, can we use the Vcenter converter here.

This 17-TB VM doesnt have any backup, we are using this VM for archival of files, this VM is running with Windows server OS 2012.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

I doubt using Converter would be any quicker - you're still talking about bits and bytes which need to be read, transferred, and written.

I suspect this thread will be better placed in the general vSphere area, but as you asked about Converter and others may have a suggestion I will leave it here for now.

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As Scott said, It wont change that much and with converter you will add another tool that can fail (I had bad experiences with VMs that big and converter)

If you need more speed you need to find a way to have more thoughput. Thats your main issue here. (Is there a chance that you can have a 10 gb interface (at least temporary in your storage and ESXi) (You can make it work even without a switch connecting directly only one esxi and performing the storage vmotion from that host.

Thats your bottleneck.

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