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V2V Data Flow Question

Source is a VM on ESXi 5.0 managed by a vCenter instance in datacenter A.  VM is powered off since it is a V2V.

Destination is ESXi 5.1 managed by a vCenter instance in datacenter B.

Converter 5.1 server/client is installed on a VM in datacenter B.

When using converter to migrate the VM from datacenter A to datacenter B what is the actual path data travels?  As in, does Converter orchestrate a direct file copy between the ESXi hosts under each vCenter in each datacenter (vmKernel Mgmt to vmkernel Mgmt)?  Or is it from source ESXi to the Converter server and then to destination ESXi host?  Or are the vCenter servers involved and file transfer is routed through them?

Trying to determine exactly which IP's will be involved in the data transfer so we can setup some static routing and use a specific pipe.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee


In case of V2V the path is 'source ESX' -> 'Converter server' -> 'target ESX'. vCenter servers are not involved in data cloning, only in target VM creation



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