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Unable to change Volume Size while Converting VM

I am attempting to use VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 4.3.0 to create a new copy of a WS2003 server virtual image AND increase the size of the C partition at the same time.


1. Launch application and select Convert Machine

2. Source System

  • Source Type - VMware Worstation or other VMware virtual machine
  • VM file: VM 9.vmx

3. Destitination Type

  • Destination Type - VMware Workstation or other VMware virtual machine
  • VM Product: VMware Player 3.0.x
  • Name VM 10.vmx
  • Path C:\Virtual Machines

4. Options - Data to copy - Edit

A warning message at the top of the window states: The source machine must have at least 100MB free space on its system volume to store temporary files. Otherwise, the cloning operation might fail.

The source machine only has a singple partition for the C drive with a total size of 20GB and 3GB is free. The host machine performing the conversion has 62GB free.

Is this simply informational or does the software think that there is an issue with drive space?

If I close the error message and continue...

  • Data Copy Type: Select volumes to copy

When I do this, the C drive is listed but the Destination size column is grayed out ... my understanding is that this is where I would want to change the dropdown to "Type Size in GB" and then specify a new volume size.

Clicking the Advanced option doesn't seem to allow me to perform this task either.

Is this intended behavior or a bug?

Is there a way to accomplish this without downloading a third party application to extend the drive within Windows directly?

Thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide!


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