UNABLE_TO_DETERMINE_GUEST_OS in NT4 Sp6 with raid hardware .


I wan't to convert a Dell PowerEdge DP 2500 with NT4 SP6 installed with Hardware Raid 5 (Perc2) .

I use the program Convert 3.0.1 installed directly in the physical machine, and I got this message in the log "


\[2007-07-06 11:44:26.163 'App' 375 verbose] \[imageProcessingTaskWrapper,1201] Disposing task wrapper for task VmiQuerySourceInfoTask::task\{3}

\[2007-07-06 11:44:26.194 'P2V' 375 error] \[task,295] Task failed: P2VError UNABLE_TO_DETERMINE_GUEST_OS()

\[2007-07-06 11:44:26.194 'P2V' 375 verbose] \[task,339] Transition from InProgress to Failure requested[/i]


I tried several things... I deleted a hide partition ( Dell's utility ), changed the file "boot.ini" to use one single line.

"multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT="Windows NT Server versin 4.00"

But I always got the same message.

Must I use a cold clone ?, or perhaps a third program as ghost ?, Update NT4 to SP6a?

Any idea?

Best regards.


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Converter does not import Windows NT 4 with mirrored/striped volumes

Converter is unable to recognize logical devices in Windows NT 4 that span multiple drives. This includes striped and mirrored volumes.

If this does not apply to your NT4 box, then post your newest vmware-converter-#.log contents so I can take a look.



I am afraid that I use a Hardware Raid Smiley Sad

Only a couple of question...

How could i convert this host to a virtual machine in a ESX-server?

perhaps ...

Could I convert the physical host to a Microsoft Virtual Machive , Ghost or other virtual machine and after use the VmWare Convert to put on in a ESX Server?

any idea..

best regards.

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