Session does not have required permissions

I've been trying to download a copy of a couple of my SuSE Linux servers so I can test doing upgrades but I keep experiencing failures with the subject line error message.  I used to be able to do this process all of the time but apparently times and technology has changed and it fails now.

I'm working with the following:

vCenter 6.0 appliance, build 3617395

vCenter Converter Standalone 6.1.1 build 3533064 running on Windows 10 x64 version 1607

First I create a clone instance of the server that I want to get a backup of so I can have it in an "off" state to run the converter process.

I run vCenter Converter "as Administrator" and fill in the blanks to copy the clone from vCenter to a local folder on my PC.  vCenter Converter is installed with both the client and server components on my local system.

The process runs and gets to 99%, I can verify that the files have copied to the directory on my local machine and then it experiences the error "The session does not have the required permissions."

The copy of the VM on my local machine vanishes and I'm stuck scratching my head trying to figure out what I'm missing.

I did grab the log files but I'm not experienced at reading them and they don't make much sense to me other than around the time of failure I'm seeing Unexpected Exception and faultCause = null

I really need to test these upgrades, any advice to getting this resolved?

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Hi @MMazurkiewicz 

I had the same issue, you need to reset CBT on a vSphere virtual machine, you can do this

it's important the last step "start the virtual machine", then I stopped the MV and I could clone.

best regards

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