Plan for conversion of corporate servers. How to.

Hi I have to convert all my windows server installed on my esx server and copy to another esxi server to prevent a disastery recovery.

In my lan I have DC server, fileserver, mail server Exchange, all virtualized with windows 2003 32 and 6bit.

I would also expect a plan of conversion..

The question is:

If today I convert the DC, and in the next day the File server, and then the mail server can I test the operation of all machine in a virtual replicated domain or there is a problem?

If all work, and from one week I reconvert the DC does the other machine work again, or I have to reconvert also the other, because the DC is more update?

The conversion of a virtual machine like ad DC it's better to convert with the machine on or off?

Thank for your suggestions.

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Hi simo

1st part of Question: In short you wont have a problem. Just dont change the computer names or delete and recreate.

The following link should hopefully put your concerns at rest:

2nd part: You may not have a problem! If things change on the DC such computers names deleted and recreated..

3rd Part: It is better off. Especially Exhange. Reason - the db is changing while you convert so your clone will end up with an inconsistent database.



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