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P2V Windows XP physical machine fails at 2% with Unknown error returned by VMware Converter Agent

I am trying to convert a Windows XP, physical workstation to VMware ESX. I configure everything on the converter (version 3.0.3) and it fails at 2%, during the step "Formatting target destination c:". I have configured Converter to use a typed in amount of harddrive space (20GB) or minimum, either of which I prefer. However, the Converter fails either way with the same error. However, if I configure it to maintain 143GB, then it seems to work. However, I don't want to use 143GB, since only 8GB is in use on the workstation. I have also tried removing the read only rights on boot.ini. There is also no antivirus on the source. Please help. Thanks.

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There are a couple notes I have from your log:

1. If "flintw" is not the built in Local Administrator, please use the Local Admin account for conversion.

2. Please ensure to run VMware Converter directly from the XP system, and not remotely ... this will reduce the number of network ports required.

3. Ensure there is proper host name resolution between the XP system and the ESX Destination. this is required for certain commands to complete.

4. Try converting directly to the ESX host you want this to go to.

What version of ESX & VirtualCenter is this system being sent to?

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willflint -

OK, so you CAN convert while maintaining disk size. When you change disk size, it does a different type of duplication of the filesystem. As suggested, try installing the converter server and client directly on the WinXP system - sometimes that helps. The other thing you can try is running chkdsk and repairing any issues and then run a defrag. Still another option is to use the cold clone CD or a third party cloning app, like Altiris, Ghost or Clonezilla...

The error you want to focus on is " P2VError UNKNOWN_METHOD_FAULT(sysimage.fault.ImageProcessingTaskFault) " It is having problems with the file system.


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Please uncheck the EISA (diagnostic) partition so that you are NOT converting it into a VM. Only select your C:\ drive to convert.

If you make the image smaller, converter switches to a file-by-file copy. This is like a conversion and a defrag at the same time. Defrag before running this task will only help the process speed up. However since we are now on a file-by-file copy method, using the local administrator (not just a member) is vital. Domain administrators are NOT the optimal user account for conversions.

You might also want to disable anything that can potentially lock a file or the partition. Msconfig is best for this:

To do so:

Click Start --> enter "msconfig" (without quotes)

Click on the "services" tab

Check the box for "hide all Microsoft services"

Select "disable all", then re-check the VMware services

Select the "startup" tab

Select "disable all" then re-check the VMware startup items


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