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Migrate Citrix Xen VM to Vmware VM

Hi All,  Happy New year!

We are planning to migrate all the due to license issues(we are not planning to buy Xenserver License).

what are the steps need to be followed?

so far i have understood as below.

1. Install vCenter standard converter on source VM(Xen  VM).

2. use V2V migration, and update the destination.

3. Power on the Destination VM once it is completed.

is there anything else i have to follow?

We have many servers(around 300vms) includes Linux VMs, what is the best options to perform the same with automation?

is there any Powercli scripts inplace for this?

Regards, Satheesh
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This is a double thread. You already asked the question in: Migration of Xen Virtual Machine to VMware VM and ii gave you some key points.

Please close this one, to keep it clean. Thanks.

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