Linux RHEL 5 with 4.0.1 Converter Doesn't Finish Configuration P2V Process

I have converted a Linux RHEl 5 Server form P2V. At 97% the configuration didn't properly reconfiguring of the root and other disks or volumes. The RHEL 5 Server boots up fine but cannot find the volume structure. Please see attachment for further details. I am not a Linux Guru by the way. We really need to get this in to production if wwe can fix this issue.


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At 97% convertion process may result your p2v VM left without inital ramdisk (initrd). From my previous Linux p2v experienced, I noticed, Linux p2v conversion should at least do:

  • Installing Grub Boot Loader

  • patching mount point in fstab

  • Creating initial ramdisk

  • Completed reconfiguration of virtual machine.

I'm sure your conversion successfully installed grub and patching mount point for fstab since you able to boot & have new fstab entries for the VM but I doubt for creating initial ramdisk stage. You could try to boot up your VM with redhat CD (rescue mode) and creating new initrd.

BTW, Converter standalone 4 will not preserve any LVM volume structure AFAIK.

vcbMC-1.0.6 Beta

vcbMC-1.0.7 Lite

sounds like great advice, it is what I would suggest. Boot rescue and rebuild your initrd, and verify grub.

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