HyperV conversion error

Hi all,

I currently have a HyperV environment I'm migrating to vSphere 5.0 and converter is throwing an unknown error when trying to import a powered off HyperV VM.

All seems pretty straight forward, I thought since it was powered off it would be a relatively simple task......seems now.

Logs are attached, does anyone have any ideas?

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee


from the log with abbreviations:

2012-03-29T15:17:46.647+13:00 [03588 error 'HttpConnectionPool'] [ConnectComplete] Connect error A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.
2012-03-29T15:17:46.647+13:00 [02364 info 'vmomi.soapStub[2]'] Resetting stub adapter for server TCP: : Closed
2012-03-29T15:21:25.524+13:00 [03588 error 'HttpConnectionPool'] [ConnectComplete] Connect error No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.
2012-03-29T15:21:36.201+13:00 [03588 info 'Default'] [AgentManager] Install Agent on
2012-03-29T15:21:36.233+13:00 [03588 info 'Default'] [ufaUtilsWin32,208] Connecting to ADMIN$ on as nzsoft\hmedadmin
2012-03-29T15:21:36.779+13:00 [03588 info 'Default'] [ufaUtilsWin32,211] Successfully connected to ADMIN$ on
2012-03-29T15:21:37.576+13:00 [03588 info 'Default'] [,0] MakeSafeDirectory: directory exists, skipping safety check
2012-03-29T15:21:38.326+13:00 [03588 info 'Default'] [,0] Starting service with args: com.vmware.courier-hnlyiexdvcahnacz

2012-03-29T15:22:18.729+13:00 [03588 info 'Default'] [AgentDeployment] Got reboot tag from output file as 0

2012-03-29T15:22:18.776n13:00 [03588 info 'Default'] [,0] Failed to open service handle to [courier-hnlyiexdvcahnacz] with access level 983551: 1060

(error 1060 - The specified service does not exist as an installed service)

Converter deploys an agent service on the HyperV machine which actually does the conversion. When a conversion starts it connects to the agent at port 9089. If it can't, it deploys it. This is the same as for P2V. Although deploying the agent usually doesn't require rebooting the source, sometimes it does.

I suggest you verify at the HyperV machine whether "VMware vCenter Converter Standalone Agent" service exists and is started. If it is not started try to start it. It may require rebooting the machine.



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