How to speed up the convertion (newbie)?


After using hosts with VMware Esxi 4.0 (free edition) installed on and some VMs running on it by two years … I have definitively bought a new server with VMware Esxi 5.0 Essential plus and vCenter 5.0 licenses.

I have installed vCenter, Update manager and Converter standalone (client mode) on windows 2008 server. After that I have ran the Converter by console in client mode and plan the relocation of the non-critical VM Linux with 50GB of disk size.

The estimate time was up than 3 hours (hosts, the old and the new one are on the same GB Switch) but different data store (their own RAID SCSI disk).  Looking on internet I found how to disable SSL encryption between hosts communication, but the relocation time was always the same, up than 3 hours.

Is this the right way to move the VMs between separated hosts, how long it will take to convert VM Windows file server with 400GB of disk size???

Have you any suggestion to make it fast?

Thanks in advance.


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