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How can I add network driver coldclone.iso with petool.exe


I downloaded Network driver (broadcom,intel,ibm etc) for Windows 2003 (x86).

And I tried to add Network driver into coldclone.iso with petool.exe.

All runs ok and returns "successful".

However when I boot the ISO as cd or image file it stops with:

"txtsetup.oem could not be found"

I checked txtsetup.oem file in driver folder.But I could'n find it.

How can I get "txtsetup.oem"?

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What was the command line that you used to inject the Network driver? There are specific toggles for storage/network/generic drivers. Also, I have had to talk with the hardware vendors a couple times because you need to get a version of the NIC Driver that can be SlipStream'd into a Windows 2003 OS ISO.

In the case of Dell, you have to extract the NIC installer to a directory and then unpack a file. I can't remember how to do this, but a customer of mine had to call dell to get the correct drivers.

then the petool command line should be something like:

petool.exe -i coldclone.iso -n "C:\NICDRIVER\"

TXTSetup.OEM ..... I don't recall a NIC Driver using that, maybe a storage driver since it needs a txt installer when you press F6 during Windows Boot and need to load it immediately.



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