Failed to restore VM to ESX server backed up using VCB 1.5u1 framework by vCenter standalone converter CLI converter-cli.exe

Hi All,

Virtual machine backed up using VCB framework failed to restore to the ESX server by using VMware standalone converter 4.0.1 build 161434 converter-cli CLI binary.

I followed the steps below

1. Created win2k3 virtual machine in ESX server.

2. Backed up the VM using vcbMounter binary of VCB 1.5u1 framework to Win2k3 proxy server.

3. Ran vcb2p2vXml binary of VMware vCenter Coverter standalone

C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware vCenter Converter Standalone>vcb2p2vXml.exe -h The output of test.xml file is


c:\mnt\test.xml -



4. Run converter-cli binary of VMware vCenter Converter standalone as

C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware vCenter Converter Standalone>converter-cli.exe -s c:\mnt\test.xml

I got the following error:


"Application error: Neither "p2v.dest" or "p2v.postProcessingParams" was given in task input!"

Using converter-cli binary we can restore the backed up VM to the ESX server as specified by VMware but I don;t why it fails on this Smiley Sad


In order to restore a virtual machine backed up with VCB from the command line, an XML file suitable for Converter has to be created with

"vcb2p2vXml". Next, "converter-cli" has to be used to perform the import. When you are done, you might want to delete the created XML file:

vcb2p2vXml -h -u vcb -p mypass -v y:\vms\myvm\myvm.vmx

converter-cli -s p2v.xml

del p2v.xml


Please guide me on this. Thanks in advance.

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