E1000 NIC will not regain network connectivity when powered on

V2V conversion using vCenter Standalone latest version: NIC will not regain network connectivity when powered on. The machine seems to be intact upon conversion but connectivity fails. We initially removed the NIC as it was E1000 but this is licensed pbx software, and my next step is to convert again and leave the E1000 NIC intact, except for setting the mac address for licensing reasons. 2 other machines were converted P2V and they have multiple NICs apiece. These machines took 4+ hours to convert. I haven't found any references of an issue such as this.

1. Added NIC as vmxnet3 with IPs- no connectivity

2. Re-added as E1000 with IPs - no connectivity

3. Destination is a ESXi on a Nutanix cluster. Multiple other VMs are working on this cluster and it is in production.

4. NICs are on the same network and port group as source, as they should be.

5. Destination is ESXi 5.5 using vCenter 6. Source is supposedly ESXi 5.5.

This is my first conversion but it seemed to be straightforward until this issue occurred. Has anyone run into this?

1. Should I reconvert and leave the NIC as is, albeit changing the mac?

2. Should I remove the NICs before conversion and re-add afterwards?

3. For the P2V machines (these are all Windows 2008R2 machines), should I remove the NICs before conversion? These are 500Gb sized conversions (physical disk size was 2TiB). As this are DBs, I'll have to perform these conversions again.

4. Another option would seem to be exporting the V2V as OVF though customer is reticent to do this.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee


First - if the converted machines boot, you don't need to re-convert. Your data have been transfered, this is purely an OS reconfiguration.issue.

What is the OS of the V2V machines? If it is Linux, V2V conversion does not reconfigure, you will need to do that manually (how exactly depends on the distro and version).

Also - with Converter you can only set the NIC count and eventually type. It doesn't map nics to virtual networks, this also needs to be done manually.

Basically - google for what needs to be done for a specific OS as if a new NIC has been added.



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