Convertor issue Machine can do the UNC but server can not

   The machine I am trying to image is a physical windows 2000 server

the agent has been installed and seems to be working

The client does not want to restart this machine due to its age. 

I can connect via smb to the storage point the Z drive.

I connect as administrator and can move files into the Z drive.


Then from the vConverter machine a EC2 instance I get to here and the error

does not make sense. If I screw up the password I get user creditial errors.

So something else is happening that after a good login a test is run that bombs

with a default error message.


Same login as the Z: mount works on.

I have attached the conversion diagnostics.

I have opened up the ec2 firewall to all ports for the source machine IP.

So Not sure what the issue is.

1. I can not ask to restart the source machine.

2. I have full control over the ec2 instance.

Thanks in advance for any Help


Greg Maxwell

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

First of all: Converter 5.0 do not support Windows 2000, you need to use Converter 4.0.1 instead check supported GOS here

In the log I see that converter uses IPv6 adress [::1] while your  network share uses IPv4 - please check that all connections are available with one type of IPs.

There are tricks for converting EC2 machines, see


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