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Converter fails at 97% on machines with more than one processor or core?


I've been using VMWare Converter 3.0.3 build-89816 to convert images created by StorageCraft's ShadowProtect software, with target machine type Server.1x

If I run it on single processore machines it works fine, although a bit slow (like 10 hours for 35Gb of disk, longest conversion was 24 hours) as these older machines are slow to start with, and not sitting on our gigabit network.

If I run it on machines with dual-cores or machines with dual processors the same job can take anywhere from 6 hours to more than 18 hours, and all will eventually fail at 97% completed!

Does anyone know of what I need to do to have Converter run successfully on the newer multi-core/processor hardware? (running on Windows XP sp3, also tried it on machine running Server 2003 sp2 with same problem).


Bryce Stenberg.

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