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Trying to run a conversion of a VMware Workstation 5.x image to VMware Server 2. Under the docs I see where Vmware Server 1.X is supported as destination is 2.X not yet supported?

When I try to use VMware server 2 as destination I get host not found. Tried host:8222, get "unknown error generated from client(catchall)

If I try host:8333 converter just closes with no error.

Running latest VMWare converter.

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From what I understand you should use VMWare Workstation 6.x as the target in VMware Converter.

From the VMware Server 2 manual:

If you migrate a virtual machine with new features to Workstation 6.x, all the latest

VMware Server 2 features are supported. However, you cannot migrate the virtual

machine to most other VMware products.

If you select hardware version 4, the virtual machine is compatible with many other

VMware products, including Workstation 5 and 6, ESX 3, and VMware Server 1 and 2.

Tried already?

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With Converter 3 or 4 you cannot specify VMware Server as a destination. It's just not supported, and was Converter was never intended to use it as a destination.

If you want to run a virtual machine in Server 2.0, power off the virtual machine and move it to the system running server 2.0. Server 2.0 should recognize that you are running a virtual Hardware v4 machine, and run it just fine.

If you want all the new fangled features of Server 2.0, you'll just have to upgrade it to the virtual hardware v7 from the web console.



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