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Converter-Cli issue with non-default ports : VMware issue?

I am using vmware Converter 4.0.1 using command line.

When virtual center/ESX server is connected to non-default port then Converter-cli parsing is wrong and its giving error.

When I use vcb2p2vxml.exe with non-default port lik

vcb2p2vXml.exe" -h vcenter:9600 -u Administrator -v "H:\test\test.vmx" -x "C:\p2v.xml" -q "C:\p2vout.xml"

This will generate required XML file properly.

Next step when I am trying to use converter-cli to get taskid then I am getting following error message.

converter-cli.exe" -s "C:\p2v.xml" -o "H:\Taskid" ]

3116 e88 06/16 15:37:53 148 Application error: Failed to connect or login to VIM Server (*vCenter0dE*) using the HTTPS protocol with username Administrator. Reason: The specified class was not found.

Can someone please confirm this whether this is vmware issue?

With default ports everything is working fine.


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