Conversion starts, then fails at 3% with network unreachable error.

As the subject notes, I'm trying to test out converting some physical systems to VMWare using Converter 5.5 Standalone. Running it on a Windows 7 system, and I'm attempting to convert a Linux system that's running CentOS6. The wizard goes through smooth, and the source information is pulls down all looks correct. The conversion starts, connects to the helper, and starts formatting the destination. Then, at 3%, the conversion fails with this error:

FAILED: A general system error occurred: connect (`'): Network is unreachable connect (`'): Network is unreachable connect (`'):

Network is unreachable Network error. Host key can't be retrieved. (return code 2) in this case is the source system. It's up and running just fine, and I maintain a SSH connection the entire time, but for some reason this error keeps coming up and I'm not sure why.

The conversion prompts for the key initially when the process starts, so I'm not sure if the "key can't be retrieved" error is as result of the "network unrechable" error, or if the key error comes first before the network error. Either way, network connectivity is fine, and I'm stumped as to why it keeps failing at this point. Any thoughts?

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

You can try using Converter 5.5.1. There was a problem with SSH keys when the SSH server was configured to use DSA keys - Converter 5.5 was working correctly only with RSA keys. You can look at Re: converter error "Host <ip> key can't be retrieved.for more information. Or you can reconfigure your SSH server to use RSA keys.

Another possible reason is the network connectivity - you should be able to connect to the source server *both* from the Converter Server machine *and* from the destination VM. If the destination machine cannot connect to the source because of some networking issues (e. g. hosts.allow/deny, firewalls) then this message is displayed (not very intuitive, I admit).

It is worse!
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I ran into this issue with the latest 5.5.2 vConverter and after confirming my SSH config was using default settings and had both a DSA and RSA key, I found that the issue was DNS related.  When I entered the IP address of the source host rather than the FQDN it then worked.  Checking the DNS settings on the ESXi host I was targeting the conversion to I found it was missing a DNS server to use.

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

Little late but i had the exact same problem.

Tried all other solutions with host.allow, disable firewall etc, etc

My solution was to disable IPv6 in converter helper and set IP address to static.

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